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Warren at home on the hill...

Welcome to the hills of Tennessee - about thirty miles outside of Nashville where I live with my inner child, who got out and won't go back in.  So, I'm out here writing and recording songs to pitch to the music business in town. My little eight track studio is in the cabin you see in the picture above. I cut most the tracks myself with some help occasionally from some talented friends. I've compiled twenty or so of my songs onto two albums. I'll be uploading any future work as it gets recorded. See the Music page for more info.Warren Wilken

I wrote a song called "Fire In The Wire" that is about my father's life as a lineman for the R.E.A. More>>

There is also a children's picture book I wrote and illustrated called "The Dancing Cows of Custer County". It's about some strange going's on in the sandhills of Nebraska where I grew up. I once read it to a group of first graders in a Nashville school and it made them giggle, squeal and pull their own hair - so you might want to check it out.

Occasionally, I go out and perform my songs live.  Flat-picking and fingerpicking acoustic guitar, steel-string and classical.  I've been doing more of that lately and I'll keep a schedule of upcoming performances posted on the Gig Calendar.

I think it only fair that my inner child help pay the bills, so you can buy my CDs and Book on each of those respective pages of this website.

My day job is my piano rebuilding/refinishing shop; it's a remodeled tobacco barn. The downstairs is climate-controlled. Upstairs are the saws, planers and woodworking tools. I started learning the piano rebuilding trade back in the early 80's.

I also make a little furniture in the side. Coming from Nebraska where trees are scarce, I became fascinated with all the different hardwoods in this area and started messin' around with it.

I don't have internet out here on the hill.  I have to drive into my "office" in town... the public library, so my response time may seem a little slow if you happen to email me; the price one pays for being out and away.

Thanks for dropping by.